100+ Top Rated Blogs That Accept Free Guest Posts

Guest blogging has become a popular and effective way for writers, marketers, and experts to expand their reach, build authority, and connect with new audiences. It not only provides valuable content to readers but also allows writers to showcase their expertise and promote their own websites or businesses.

To help you make the most out of guest blogging opportunities, we’ve compiled a list of 100+ outstanding blogs that accept free guest posts across a wide range of niches.

10 Best Technology and Science Blogs That Accept Free Guest Posts

Best Blogs That Accept Free Guest Posts

1. TechCrunch: A leading technology media property, known for its insightful coverage of technology and startups.
2. Wired: Focuses on the intersection of technology, science, culture, and politics.
3. Mashable: A blog covering the latest trends in technology, digital culture, and entertainment.
4. Gizmodo: Features articles on science, technology, and design, with a focus on geek culture.
5. The Next Web: Provides insights on technology, business, and culture in the tech world.
6. ReadWrite: Offers in-depth analyses of technology and its impact on society.
7. Smashing Magazine: A blog dedicated to web development and design, featuring tutorials and articles.
8. Ars Technica: Focuses on news and analysis of science, technology, and policy.
9. TechSpot: Covers technology news, reviews, and analysis of tech products.
10. Popular Science: A classic science magazine that covers a wide range of scientific topics.

10 Best Business and Entrepreneurship Blogs For Guest Posts

1. Entrepreneur: Provides advice, insights, and resources for entrepreneurs and business owners.
2. Forbes: A renowned business and finance magazine that accepts guest posts from experts.
3. Inc.: Focuses on startup and business advice, as well as profiles of successful entrepreneurs.
4. Business Insider: Covers business, finance, markets, and strategy, with a global perspective.
5. Fast Company: Explores innovation in business, leadership, and design.
6. Small Business Trends: Offers insights and advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs.
7. The Huffington Post – Business: Allows guest contributors to share their expertise on business-related topics.
8. Bplans: Focuses on business planning, startup advice, and funding resources.
9. Noobpreneur: A blog dedicated to small business tips, advice, and resources.
10. AllBusiness: Offers a wide range of articles on business, finance, and entrepreneurship.

10 Best Lifestyle and Personal Development Websites For Guest Blogging

1. Lifehack: Provides practical advice and tips for improving various aspects of life.
2. Tiny Buddha: Focuses on mindfulness, personal development, and emotional well-being.
3. MindBodyGreen: Covers health, wellness, personal growth, and holistic living.
4. Pick the Brain: Features self-improvement and personal development articles.
5. The Positivity Blog: Offers practical advice on happiness, productivity, and personal growth.
6. Daring to Live Fully: Focuses on personal development, motivation, and achieving goals.
7. Success Magazine: Provides articles on personal development, productivity, and success strategies.
8. Addicted2Success: Offers advice and inspiration for achieving personal and professional success.
9. The Good Men Project: Covers topics related to men’s lifestyle, health, and personal development.
10. The Muse: Focuses on career advice, job search, and professional development.

10 Top Health and Wellness Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

1. Mindful: Explores mindfulness, meditation, and mental well-being.
2. Well+Good: Covers health, wellness, fitness, and healthy living.
3. Greatist: Provides articles on health, fitness, and mental well-being for a young audience.
4. MyFitnessPal Blog: Focuses on nutrition, fitness, and weight loss.
5. CureJoy: Covers natural health, alternative medicine, and holistic wellness.
6. Healthiack: Offers health tips, guides, and articles on various health conditions.
7. Breaking Muscle: Focuses on fitness, nutrition, and strength training.
8. One Green Planet: Covers health, wellness, and sustainable living.
9. Wellness Mama: Provides articles on natural health, wellness, and parenting.
10. The Health Sessions: Focuses on chronic illness, mental health, and overall well-being.

10 Great Travel and Adventure Blogs For Guest Contribution

1. Nomadic Matt: Offers travel tips, guides, and resources for budget travelers.
2. The Points Guy: Focuses on travel hacking, credit card rewards, and airline miles.
3. Expert Vagabond: Features travel stories, photography, and advice from an experienced traveler.
4. Goats On The Road: Covers travel, remote work, and making money while traveling.
5. Adventurous Kate: A blog by a solo female traveler, offering advice and stories.
6. A Dangerous Business: Focuses on offbeat travel destinations and experiences.
7. Mapping Megan: Covers adventure travel, photography, and cultural experiences.
8. Travel Off Path: Offers travel guides and advice for exploring lesser-known destinations.
9. The Blonde Abroad: A blog by a female traveler, featuring travel guides and tips.
10. Wanderlust and Lipstick: Focuses on women’s travel, adventure, and cultural experiences.

10 Best Food and Cooking Blogs

1. Food52: Features recipes, cooking tips, and articles on food culture.
2. Serious Eats: Covers food science, recipes, and culinary techniques.
3. Simply Recipes: Offers a wide range of recipes and cooking guides.
4. The Kitchn: Focuses on recipes, cooking tips, and kitchen organization.
5. Epicurious: Provides recipes, cooking videos, and food-related articles.
6. Oh She Glows: A vegan food blog with recipes and healthy living tips.
7. Budget Bytes: Offers budget-friendly recipes and meal planning advice.
8. Pinch of Yum: Features recipes, food photography, and blogging tips.
9. Cookie and Kate: Focuses on vegetarian recipes, whole foods, and healthy living.
10. The Pioneer Woman: A blog by Ree Drummond, featuring recipes and lifestyle content.

10 Best Parenting and Family Blogs

1. Scary Mommy: Scary mommy is one of best mom blogs. It offers parenting stories, humor, and advice for moms.
2. Parenting.com: Covers parenting tips, family activities, and child development.
3. Aha! Parenting: Provides articles on positive parenting, discipline, and child behavior.
4. Motherly: Focuses on pregnancy, parenting, and motherhood.
5. Fatherly: Offers parenting advice, tips, and resources for fathers.
6. MomsRising: Covers family-related policy issues, parenting, and advocacy.
7. ParentMap: Provides articles on parenting, education, and family life.
8. Kids Activities Blog: Offers creative ideas and activities for children.
9. The Dadcade: Focuses on video games, parenting, and family life.
10. Red Tricycle: Covers parenting, family travel, and local activities for kids.

10 Top Fashion and Beauty Blogs

1. Fashionista: Covers fashion trends, industry news, and style tips.
2. The Fashion Spot: Features fashion news, beauty trends, and celebrity style.
3. College Fashion: Offers fashion advice and inspiration for college students.
4. Cupcakes and Cashmere: A lifestyle blog covering fashion, beauty, and home décor.
5. Man Repeller: Focuses on fashion, beauty, and women’s lifestyle.
6. The Blonde Salad: A fashion and lifestyle blog by Chiara Ferragni.
7. Into The Gloss: Covers beauty products, skincare, and makeup tips.
8. Huda Beauty: A beauty blog by makeup artist and entrepreneur Huda Kattan.
9. The Chriselle Factor: Features fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content.
10. Gal Meets Glam: Offers fashion, beauty, and travel inspiration.

10 Awesome Writing and Creativity Blogs

1. The Write Life: Provides advice and resources for writers and bloggers.
2. Writer’s Digest: Offers writing tips, prompts, and advice for authors.
3. Jane Friedman: Covers publishing, writing, and the writing business.
4. Copyblogger: Focuses on content marketing, copywriting, and blogging.
5. Positive Writer: Offers encouragement and advice for writers.
6. The Creative Penn: Covers writing, self-publishing, and book marketing.
7. Helping Writers Become Authors: Provides tips and resources for fiction writers.
8. Daily Writing Tips: Offers grammar, style, and writing advice.
9. Terrible Minds: A blog by author Chuck Wendig, covering writing and creativity.
10. Goins, Writer: Focuses on writing, creativity, and building an audience.


Guest blogging offers a valuable opportunity to share your expertise, build your brand, and connect with new audiences. With this list of 500 best blogs that accept free guest posts, you have a diverse range of options across various niches.

Remember to carefully review each blog’s guidelines and tailor your guest post to their audience and preferences. By providing high-quality, relevant content, you can make the most of your guest blogging efforts and enjoy the benefits of increased exposure and credibility in your chosen field.

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